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Rectangular Form Factor / 16 GB capacity / Announced September 12th, 2012

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Strange iPod screen distortion issue

iPod screen has started to show something strange on the screen. Almost like a visible file system in the background. Reset/reboot changes nothing and iPod behaves as normal. I’ve tried searching online for this issue but results bring up nothing like this issue. Is the screen just on its way out? Thanks for any replies ❤️

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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@bph88232 looks like a LCD issue. I would start by replacing it Remplacement de l'écran d'un iPod Nano 7ème génération

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Hey. I really appreciate your reply! Cheers! Until the screen really starts to deteriorate I’m not sure I’m up for wrecking the iPod with a DIY fix until the screen completely goes. Appreciate the link though. Have a great weekend ❤️


@bph88232 that's the spirit! It's not dead until it's cold and dead. Use it until it's done for sure! That's what I'd do.


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