phone 11 pro, doesn't charge properly. Stuck at 1% and constant reboot

My iPhone 11 Pro is experiencing a charging issue. When connected to a charger, it doesn't seem to charge properly. It stays at 1%, doesn't display the "charging" status, but it does make the sound of charging. On the lock screen, it shows the charging pop-up battery at 0% and while the phones displaying 1% at the top.

Additionally when connected to a charger, it keeps rebooting every few minutes, like I can use the phone for about a minute and it shuts off and then boots up. This cycle repeats continuously. When I unplug the phone the phone nothing really changes aside from the phone not booting up again after it shuts off. After this point, I can't boot it up, and the phone might seem dead, up until I connect it to a charger starting the same cycle again.

What I've Tried/ I've ruled out:

  • The battery isn't at fault (although it is 3rd party, it was only placed 2 months ago). But still I replaced that battery with a new one todat, and the problems still persists.
  • It's not the Face ID scanner; I disconnected it, but the issue still continues.
  • The charging port is clean, and I've tried charging with both wired and wireless methods, using different chargers and bricks.

All this is very weird, these problems popped up in a single night, quite randomly. The phone worked fine the day before...

I'm running out of options here, and I'm not sure what else to try. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this issue?

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