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Released September 2016. Identified by Model No. SM-G610

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My phone isn't charging

My phone getting charged 100% and after 5 minute it charging become zero. What I can do in this state.

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@durgeshsonar47 could be a battery issue. Replace the battery first then re-evaluate this. IF it continues to be an issue you need to check the charging port. Use a voltmeter and measure the contacts on the board while you have it plugged in. The voltage will have to be the same voltage as on your charger. If your charging connector shows those, move to the battery connector. Measure the voltage on that and ensure that the voltage is higher than the battery would provide, while the phone is plugged in. If that does not happen, then the issue is on the board itself. This phone uses a PMIC labeled U5000 which could be your issue.

That would turn into a board level repair and will require the ability to read a schematic and solder and test very small components. Use this troubleshooting guide to check on that. LEt us know if you have any trouble with that. Troubleshooting

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