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door is locked, in closed position and wont open

My hotpoint first edition 1000 wm52 washing machine lock has played up a few times, i've fixed it each time as its happened when the door is open. This time, it has happened in a locked position, but the door is closed. So I can't get into the machine to sort it out. Have tried going from underneath like a video showed (not on this model, but on another washing machine) and thought it was worth a go. What else is there that i can try? The machine is on the floor on the balcony. so there is no way of getting it up high as the balcony isn't big enough to move it around (plus since the machine has gone out there, we have had double glazing fitted, so the door frame is now too small to get it out :/ - my ex's idea to put it out there)

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Its ok, I fixed it :) took the top off and went in that way, once the door was open, was able to fix the lock again and then tightened the door.

Laura :)

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Great job Laura. May be time to start thinking about replacing the lock mechanism....


machead3, this is the solution, not an update. Remember this, based on your question on Meta " What should happen is to request the user post their own answer, or move the update into an answer that states that the OP solved it and quote their solution. That way, it's available to others in the future. Our goal here is to create a long-lasting knowledge base that is useful to people that come here from Google. This post has all the information it needs, let's just clean it up to make it clear that we have both a problem and a solution" Kyle Wiens. So, if you are voting for anything, vote for it as the solution.


Changed my vote, but now I'm not offered the choice vote to accept it as a solution... don't know why.


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Unplug the washer and remove the bottom front service panel. You can then carefully reach up along the inside of the front panel and pull down on the manual release tab that is on the bottom of the door lock assembly and open the washer door.

If the washer is full of water, then you could have a problem with the drain system. Check the washer drain to make sure that it is working properly. Check the drain hose for kinks or clogs. If the washer tub is still full of water, you can drain the water out using a wet/dry shop vacuum. You can then place a shallow pan under the pump clean-out filter and remove it . Check the filter and pump for a clog or obstruction. This may resolve your problem.

If the washer was drained but the door lock assembly is broken, you may need to replace it. Check to see if the door lock works by starting and canceling a cycle. If the door lock assembly won't work, you can try to fix the washer by replacing it.

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