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Laptop blinks orange 3 times slowly when trying to power on.

My computer lost all percentage and when I tried to charge and power it back on hours later, a charger that clearly worked (I tested on other items, yes, it charged the rest), it would only blink orange 3 times slowly and remain powered off. Please give me multiple ways to solve this as I have tried many ways and it still has not powered on.

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@needelectr79224 this would be a really common sign of a bad charger. You may need to at least try another charger. If not, then the issue could be your charging port having failed. Make sure they are not bend, corroded, broken pins or debris that may cause this.

Try to reset your Lenovo by pressing the Novo button. Get a paper clip or similar and press it with the laptop in power state.

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the reset button could also be on the other end. Most Lenovos have it.

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My Lenovo charger has worked me for a while now and there is no signs of damaged. What has caused this change in the charging effect?


@needelectr79224 Measure the voltages and see what the output is. Like I said in my answer, if your charger is guaranteed to work then the issue will be internally. Most likely an issues with the charging port or even the charging circuitry.


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