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The Mi 11 is a flagship smartphone by Xiaomi with a 6.81" quad-curved AMOLED display, a 108 MP main camera, an in-display fingerprint sensor, and a 4600 mAh battery. It’s the first phone to feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 and runs MIUI 12 over Android 11.

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Is my motherboard ok?

As a follow up to this post where i explained that my digitizer was not working anymore after changing the battery, I tried to look at the MB under a microscope to see if something was wrong, but i'm not very familiar with how they are supposed to look like. Some components look suspicious to me, could anyone confirm if there is an issue ?

The picture is of the LCD main connector.

Block Image

Thanks in advance,


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Onde compro placa Modelo : M2011K2G


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@jackal28559 if you are referring to the "missing" components, that is meant to be that way. The solder pads are there but the components where never placed. You see that often in development that components are later omitted due to changes in the layout of the boards etc. There are no components missing.

Block Image

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Thank you for the informative answer and graphic. I was more worried about the appearance of the darker components, like R6508, but if it looks normal i'll search for issues elsewhere.


@jackal28559 just use your multimeter and check its resistance. It's a 47K resistor :-)

I just read your other question. Which side was it that caused the touchscreen from quitting to work when tightened up? Was it close to this connector?


@oldturkey03 Thanks for the input, i'll verify the resistance on the morrow.

It was on the right side of the motherboard that i seemed to encounter issues, it is indeed around the connector shown in the picture.


@jackal28559 you do have the values for all the components etc? Let us know if you need help with that


@oldturkey03 I would indeed appreciate if you could point me to some ressources, as I'm not used to these kind of things ^^. Thank you in advance.


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