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Master multitasking with the Yoga Slim 7 Pro. This stylish 14″ ultra-slim laptop is packed with power, offering the lightning-fast performance of AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Series Mobile Processors, combined with stunning optional OLED 2.8K visuals, long-lasting battery life, and a range of smart features that will help you make the most of your day.

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My Camera Stopped Working

My camera randomly stopped working and my system says it is not connected. I have tried several software solutions but I think I might need to open it up and reconnect something...where can I find a guide to doing this? Thanks!

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Hi @ombreviews

Here's the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop.

Go to p.66 to view the procedure to remove the camera.

If the cable connection seems OK and the camera module needs replacing search online for either 5C20X55554 or 5C20X55556 to find suppliers that suit you best.

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How can I check the connector on the motherboard? Before removing the screen or anything like that. I wasn't seeing anything in the manual for that. Thanks so much!



Not sure with your model but nowadays a lot of the connections between the camera/microphone in the lid and the motherboard is done by a USB connection between the motherboard's IO chipset and a USB controller in the camera/microphone module. The two data wires for the USB are in with the video cable and not a separate cable.

All you can do is check how many cables come from the lid to the motherboard. Most likely there'll be the WiFi antennas connected to the WLAN card and a video cable and that's all.

You would really need to have the schematics for the motherboard to know exactly how it is connected.

I couldn't find a free schematic download online but if the board model number is an NM-D231 then you can purchase it here and it will show the wiring details


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