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Infinix Mobile is a Chinese entry level smartphone company founded in 2013.

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Infinix hot 30i hidden sim card

Infinix hot 30i hidden sim card

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Here's how to install the SIM card:

As this is a Chinese phone, it almost certainly doesn't support eSIM due to the CCP not being able to intercept it (or force a backdoor) yet, so it's banned; even Apple and the other flagship companies have to make a special dual SIM variant for Mainland China because it has to be stripped out legally. That said, some HK-sold phones do use eSIM but not all of them; but good luck using eSIM if you live in China and bought an HK phone to use in Mainland China without a pSIM! This phone is almost certainly a pSIM-only device (which is still the norm for cheap phones in the US).

I wouldn't worry about the lack of an eSIM; most carriers still offer pSIMs for these phones if the phone requires or it can do both but the customer requests a pSIM; the only carrier I know forcing you to use eSIM is T-Mobile with Apple devices, even with a pSIM slot (US market 13 or older, or grey market devices like the Canada iPhone 14/15). The only phones with eSIM are flagships and midrange models with the right hardware and it's usually 1 eSIM+1pSIM for the most part (except Apple in the US, but not in countries like Canada).
HEADS UP: Some carriers/franchise owners for the big 3 WILL give you a harder time setting up these phones so you can use them if it requires the minimum wage employee to work around the system or train them to be a pain at the end of the month. IF IT HAS THE RIGHT BANDS, MAKE THEM FIGURE IT OUT (or bring a native 4G phone in to use as a sacrificial IMEI#), then swap the SIM over if this occurs when they aren't looking. I have had grey market phones back in the flip phone days; owned a European RAZR V3i as it was the only way to get a good one without iTunes and the 50-song cap Yes, they did it but I had to accept the risk it would not work well in the US. Now the employees use it to get in your way and force you to buy their phones or another US-approved model which has a different shortcoming. No 3G on that phone in the US (Euro 3G bands) but it was perfect on the 2G end.
These days, it tends to be an effort issue by the employees when it "can't be done" or they need to meet a sales target. At one point I had a UDSM 4G Moto G Stylus* I bought used on eBay. As far as I know, IT WAS a US model from the research I did, yet the minimum wage employee didn't know this. No help from them outside of "buy a new phone" (aka sales commission nudge). Unless I know it works well, I won't buy phones grey market outside of the models from Canada known to work in the US. The main thing I look for is the band differences (ex: the US iPhone 15 pro has MMwave, the Canadian pSIM version doesn't, and SK iPhones lack Find People at the hardware level; look at their privacy laws as to why).
*I regularly shop on the grey market for things like camera lenses from Japan and camera bodies, as well as grey market Sony cameras without the J1 programming. That's why I got so fed up with that T-Mobile rep; I'm not new to buying grey.

The other issue is Apple (or most OEMs) will not work on your Korean iPhone or Android due to the regionalization issues they have in the US which makes them difficult. BUT a Canadian model will be less troublesome.

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