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Ideapad 5-15ITL05 Laptop - Type 82FG. Released in October 2021, this notebook has a touchscreen that can also be used as a tablet.

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Doesn't display anything after turning on

Black screen after turning and displaying logo

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Hi @tsionerstu,

Try starting the laptop in safe mode and check if you get a display OK.

If that works it may be a problem with the discrete Nvidia GPU on the motherboard. Either the drivers are faulty or the GPU is.

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@tsionerstu you also need to go ahead and check the backlight. See if that comes on. A simple check for that would be to darken the room and turn the computer on. Then use a flashlight and angle the light at the screen on different areas. you might make out some shapes and shadows that correspond to the startup screen of your OS.

Next connect an external monitor to your Lenovo and see if that displays properly. If so then the issue could be your display, display cable or the display connector.

If the external display does not show anything either, it could be your GPU or your system BIOS.

Here is the Ideapad 5 Maintenance Manual which will help you to work on your computer.

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