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Informations sur le démontage et la réparation du smartphone Android phare de Samsung, le S20, sorti en mars 2020.

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Replaced the charging port now a few things don't work

Hello everyone I'm hoping for some help. I had an issue with my charging port on my phone a whole back so I called around to see about having someone fix it ans I was quoted $150 I'm on a fixed income and no way could I afford that but I did a lot of research to see about replacing it on my own.

I bought the part and it was a simple fix phone charged again but now I have other issues.

It doesn't wireless charge anymore it starts to charge then about a minute in it stops

My wifi will not turn on I have made sure time zone ans time and date were correct, and when I go to turn on wifi it shuts right off

Now I'm noting my speakerphone and microphone don't work

I've tried everything but a reset because I cannot lost the information on my phone.

I was told I need to replace the main flex cable and the wireless charging coil so I ordered the replacement parts but haven't gotten them yet.

The flex cable is the thin one that said main and it was in bad shape.

Is there something else wrong with my phone if those replacement parts don't work? I really cannot afford $100s of dollars to replace a 4 year old phone. Unable to upgrade at the moment either but I need my phone working .

Thank u for any help

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Ok i did try both charging ports the old and the new and still wifi wouldn't connect. So I put in the new one because the old one was really making my phone hot.

I attached all the photos of what I could. Hopefully this will help. Thank u again for the help


@deidreelizabeth looks like the images did not make it :-) try again and check the guide on how to attach. It's a bit cumbersome.


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@deidreelizabeth if I remember right, most of the connections for the parts no longer working, are actually either on or connected to the charging board. Let's assume that the board is functioning well, then the issue left to resolve is the flex cable. When the flex from the charging (daughter board or sub board) fails, it may cause the issues that you've described. Before doing anything else, I would replace the flex cables first. Galaxy S20 USB-C Charging Port and Daughterboard Replacement

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Hi thank you for the response. I got another flex cable ans replaced it and didn't fix the issue. I do have the old charging port I can put back in. I thought at first that was the issue so I had put the original back in and ironically it started working again but I put on the newer one just to be cautious. I'm gonna switch the port back again and see but I definitely had to replace the flex cable it was very work from phone use.

Will update with results.


Ok so switched the charging port out to the new one(I must have put original one back in) put the new flex cable in, made sure everything was reconnected but still wifi doesn't turn on. Also have no sound coming out with calls but can play music. Bluetooth doesn't pair anything either. I'm really at a loss now.

I cant reset the phone and can afford to take it to a professional. Any other suggestions to try I'm all ears.thank u again for your response.


Ok so did a little research and saw that I reset the network settings then rebooted but nothing. Checking the wifi and Mac address and they are both blank and can't modify them. The article I found said phones are rooted but I never did that nor how to. I really don't want to master reset my phone I need just the wifi fixed so I can swap stuff if I can upgrade.


@deidreelizabeth does your Bluetooth still work? "they are both blank " means that your firmware is not even seeing your WiFi.... :-(


It turns on and I scan for devices but nothing comes up to pair. I didn't change anything on my phone all I did was change out the charging port than everything went down hill from there. If it's firmware is there anything I can do without having to reset the entire phone? I just need the wifi to work.


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