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La PlayStation est la première console destinée au marché de masse du constructeur Sony.

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Playstation could not be turned on

My Playstation is the more compact version called the PSone but i believe the hardware is the same with the original Playstation.

It had been years since i used this and when i plugged in the power, pressing the 'power on' button no longer turns on the machine. There is no light appearing as well, it seems like there is not even any power going into the machine but all the power plugs are plugged in tight and secure. It is caused by dust build-up inside the machine?

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ben, in that case start of by checking the PSU for any damaged components Get a multimeter so you can properly measure the voltages from your PSU. Follow this guide to get to the PSU. Get the diagrams from here Check the fuse F001 1.6A 250V Check the power switch (SW101) and the reset switch (SW102). you can measure the voltages on CN2. Check the caps for any swelling of the tops, any leakage around the bases. Hope this helps to get you started, good luck.

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