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My dryer turns but it does not dry at all.

My dryer turns but it does not dry at all.

Update (02/21/24)

How can I fix it

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Hi @sunshynne,

What is the make and model number of the dryer?


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Likely an open heating element. The most common problem for no heat. Then the high temp cutout.

Some are easier to replace than others, but the machine will have to be opened up. Some are around the front door. Some are in an air duct. I have replaced a number of them around the door, but not the air duct ones - those are newer and I am old. For the front door ones, the key is to stretch out the element evenly and not to much so that it droops when it heats up and shorts out on the chassis. You will probably need to replace the felt around the door also. You need high temp glue for that. I think the ones in the air duct are basicly "plugin". That is you don't have to fool with the element. It comes complete wrapped in a section of duct.

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