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La ligne d'ordinateurs portables MacBook Pro a été conçue pour les utilisateurs professionnels. À ce jour, la gamme MacBook Pro inclut des versions 13, 15, 16 et 17 pouces avec des changements majeurs définies par les designs unibody, écran Retina et Touch Bar.

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Startup disk is full

My MacBook Pro has 92.84 GB capacity. I get messages that the startup disk is full even though i am not using heavy graphic files or creating graphic design in InDesign. I transferred about 5.2 GB of files to an external hard drive (again), regularly reset Safari but wonder how my hard drive is getting so full?

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Thanks to Mayer and Casey. I now have a new hard drive but my MacBook Pro RAM tops out at 2GB. I am looking for a good deal on a newer MacBook Pro with non-glare screen. Any tips for sources?


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Programs such as InDesign require about 10% free hard drive space regardless of size. This 10% serves as a "scratch disk" While the CPU processes the image. Downloaded movies and images will take up a lot of space and music can do the same.

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Thanks! I have transferred movie files, photos and my iTunes to an external hard drive. Yet something keeps eating up my hard drive space. This all began when i took my laptop into the Apple store for a new battery and a keyboard problem. Somehow they made a copy of my system and never removed it. Although i removed the duplicate and freed up my hard drive, it has never had the free space it had before. I wonder what else could be taking up the space?


I use a program called TechTools Pro to defragment and optimizing hard drives. This gives you a lot more continuous free hard drive space. What is the status of your drive now that you have done the moves? Did you empty the trash?


You now have about 5% free hard drive space. See if you can get it to 10%.


My hard drive now has 5.5 GB of free space. The trash is emptied. I have used tools like TechTools but only on Windows machines. Do these tools work for MacBook Pro laptops?


Thanks Mayer. Getting another 5 GB of space clear will be tough as i don't know what's taking up so much space. However i am told that my MacBook Pro hard drive has lasted beyond what's usual for the early models and that i might need a new hard drive (in addition to cleaning out hidden files). Others tell me that it's time to upgrade to the newer models. Any thoughts on that?


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You should always dedicate a partition to "swap" on your computer. Swap should always be about twice as large as your RAM amount.

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You need to understand what is taking up all of startup disk space on your Mac. Then clean up your startup disk space based on the following ten aspects.

1. Clean up the cache file on Mac

2. Delete unnecessary language packs

3. Delete the old iTunes library backup

4. Remove old iOS backups

5. Remove iOS software updates

6. Remove unnecessary applications

7. Clean up your photo library

8. Clean up your downloads, movies, and music folders

9. Clean up your desktop

10. Empty out the trash can

If you find it difficult to clean these ones manually, you can download some Mac cleanup tools (such as my recently used iMyMac's Mac Cleaner software) to help you clean up these things.

Read More:'''Startup Disk Full on Mac, Full Solution in Here!'''

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