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The HP EliteBook Folio 9470m is low-cost, lightweight design Notebook that comes with features similar to that which you would get from a high-end personal computer. Released February of 2013. Identified by model number HSTNN-I10C.

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Are there any replacement for keyboard frame (or frame C)

so i just drop my lap on the floor and break the power plug conner so i went to the local repair shop to fix the power plug but the conner of the power plug is to weak so its break thankfully the power plug not break but the conner (its break) so anyone have a solution to help me pls

Update (03/04/24)

Block Image

Block Image

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@dangnguyen87244 can you add a couple of pictures of the damaged area with your question. That allows us to see what you see. It’ll make it easier to suggest a fix once we see it.

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can you see the answer


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@dangnguyen87244 thank you for the images,. Dang, quite a bit of damage. Looks like you will have to replace the top case (Palm Rest Assembly). There is really not a whole lot of fixing. The HP part number for that is 702851-001 without fingerprint board and if you do have a fingerprint reader, that part number is 702852-001 Check ebay and others for used parts

To disassemble your computer use the HP 9470m Maintenance And Servcie Guide

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thanks because i search something like that but its out of stock (in vietnam)


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