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water damage

my ipod touch is getting wet, and i put into rice to dry up for 24hrs, and i open it, then i found a small damage in the screen, i put again into rice for a couple of hours, when i get it again, it never been switch on..what i should do?

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What exactly do you mean by "it never been switch on"? Do you mean you've never powered it on, or do you mean that since that point in time you have been unable to get it to power on?


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plari019, first you should tell us which iPod touch you have. Then tell us about the damage to the screen. Once you have your iPod open, you do not have to use Rice again. It will not fix your iPod. Clean it with isopropyl alcohol. Use this Electronics Water Damage as a general guide. You might also consider posting a picture of the damage that you found.

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those screens are like sponges and take days and days to dry out...mostly it and the battery will need replacing, but follow oldturkey's advice and then reassess.


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