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Laptop's new battery odd behaviour!

I got a battery replacement 3 months ago and about 2 months after replacement I started facing issues like laptop lagging around 30% battery and it got worse, laptop shuts off without any warning at around 25%. Now the issue is becoming more severe, the laptop even shut down at 40%. I tried re-installing windows and updating drivers but nothing, the battery reports are also ok. What can I do to solve this problem?

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Have you tried reinstalling the drivers?


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@ehtisham65380 that sounds like a battery issue. Let us know what program you use and what battery data you are getting. All the symptoms you are describing sounds like a battery that can't hold a charge. I would contact the seller and hopefully the battery is covered under warranty. Replace the battery once more and calibrate it when installed.

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I contacted the seller and he said the battery is ok and can't be replaced under warranty. I think it's a calibration issue, can I still do something to calibrate the battery. I tried hp diagnostics but it still shuts down at 45%, won't go to 0.


@ehtisham65380 check this guide Battery Calibration for the calibration. PErsonally I do not like the answer you got from the seller, but they have the power. Do yourself a favor and download one of the free battery health programs like BatteryInfoView and check the specs of your battery. Let us know what it shows. The battery market is riddled with fakes and frauds and it is best to purchase from known sellers only. Stay away from places like ebay, amazon, Alibaba for batteries.


This is what I am getting on BattertyInfoView:-

Description Value

Battery Name Primary

Manufacture Name Hewlett-Packard

Serial Number

Manufacture Date

Power State Discharging

Current Capacity (in %) 71.5%

Current Capacity Value 23,834 mWh

Full Charged Capacity 33,318 mWh

Designed Capacity 33,318 mWh

Battery Health 100.0%

Voltage 7,043 millivolts

Charge/Discharge Rate -11,613 milliwatts

Chemistry Lithium Ion

Low Battery Capacity (1) 2,356 mWh

Low Battery Capacity (2) 4,028 mWh

Critical Bias

Number of charge/discharge cycles 0

Battery Temperature

Remaining battery time for the current activity (Estimated)

Full battery time for the current activity (Estimated)

Remaining time for charging the battery (Estimated)

Total time for charging the battery (Estimated)


Its showing OK even by checking on Command Prompt, but the scenario is getting worse now its shutting down at 60%. The percentage is increasing everytime I check if it shuts or not. One more thing I would like to add is that, the laptop lags when the battery is close to shutting down. Like previously it lagged at 30% and the speed would be normal again when I plug in the charger.


@ehtisham65380 yes, it would do that. I am sorry to tell you but I do believe that this is a battery issue. I would suggest you try a different one from a different and reputable seller.


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