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Replacing the USB Type-C cable on the charger

Hi, so an unfortunate thing happened. I stepped on the cable while the laptop was charging and the Type-C end got bent. You can get it to work, but it still is a bit annoying. Paying about 40-50€ for a completely new charger seems excessive, so I thought about just replacing the Type-C cable. The issue is, I can't find a cable that supports up to 95W charging for a laptop, so I don't know where to look for this specific part. I found a few on Aliexpress, but they we're all up to 65W. Any suggestions? Where could I get the cable or any other ideas?

Another option I thought about was buying this - and just replacing the Type-C end itself.

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Hi @righn

If you're going to just replace the adapter's cable plug then it might be advisable to get a USB-C plug that has the correct current rating as well as not all plugs are the same it seems.

For example there are USB-C plugs capable of handling 65W as their current rating is ~3.0A whereas the 95W plug needs to have a current rating of ~5A. This is if both are supplying 20V that is.

Here are some examples of suppliers of a suitable plug type # UP31-CV-G-CM (specification sheet).

Depending on how many wires are in the adapter cable, here's an image showing the standard wiring colours used in USB-C.

Here's a link that shows the pinout for USB-C which may also help.

Block Image

(click on image)

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