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La Xbox Series X est la console de jeu 4K de nouvelle génération de Microsoft. La Xbox Series X est sortie en même temps que sa cousine, la console Xbox Series S, le 10 novembre 2020.

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Controller Won't power with rumble motors connected

My series controller wont register if I have the rumble motors connected to the pcb board but works just fine if I leave them unsoldered. I have2 doing this

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Hi Dale!

Hmm.. this is new! Could you share some pictures regarding this (as how it is soldered)? Looks like it’s shorting your motherboard… if everything is soldered correctly, I advise to replace them and see if that solves the issue.

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Hello replaced them both twice,no luck. Took them back off they both work fine thx


Hmm weird. The only thing I can think of that it’s shorting… must be motherboard related, if the replacement part is giving the same fault.


Ok thank you I do believe a couple of components are bad . I'll let you know if I figure it out


Alright, please keep us posted! Good luck!


Started working after a few resolders, until you press the triggers and the controller vibrates then it shuts down . Then it starts back up with the smaller motor running slowly then it has the start up vibrations and runs fine until you touch the triggers again . Still working on them I've got 3 doing the same,its in the joystick pcb somewhere as I tried them in a working controller and it reduces that one to the same thx


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