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Mi-2006 / numéro de modèle A1181 / coque noire ou blanche / processeur Intel Core Duo de 1.83 ou 2.0 GHz.

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Is this replacement LCD compatible with original?

In photo, the original broken LCD has taped wire on back. The new LCD is on the blue background.

Block Image

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Do you have a model number ? Does the "new LCD" coming from a 1181 macbook ? Why don't you test it by connecting it to the inverter board and to the MB logic board ?


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On the back of both LCDs is a label, normally with a bar code, that contains the manufacturer's product/model number. What are those numbers on both LCDs? Apple always uses at least 2 manufactures to provide LCDs for their laptops during production to prevent shortages etc... Comparison of the LCDs data sheet or word of mouth is how your question is answered. Both of those methods require the manufacturers part/model/product number(s) to answer your question.

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