Why is the right side of my video blurry?

I have a Mevo start and the video is blurry on the far right side. The rest of the video is just fine. I have cleaned the lens several times and no change. I have contacted them and they do not offer a out of warranty repair service.

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Have you tried to clean the actual receptor itself?

ie. taking the protector off and (very carefully) cleaning the actual lens


I have not tried that. I could not find any info on how to remove the protector. Would you happen to have any info or know of any videos explaining how to?


@deepee45710 just try to take the front of the camrea off and (WITH A MICROFIBER CLOTH!!!!!!!) clean it

There should be a clear film on the front side of the camrea and then there is the camrea


I can not figure out how to get the cover off. All I have managed to do is deform the plastic with pry marks.


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