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Model Number: M305D-S4829. Processor: AMD Turion™ X2 Dual-Core. Installed Memory: 4GB (PC6400 DDR2 800MHz SDRAM). Hard Drive: 250GB HDD. Display Size: 14.1" widescreen.

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turn on button lights up but no monitor

been using my toshiba satellite M305D without battery and directly AC plugged in. the last use was it was turned off but forgot to unplug from the ac. now the monitor is black. pls help. the turn on button lights up but no monitor, still black..

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Have you tried an external monitor to see if it works?


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Here's what the tech did to fix mine with the same problem:

Unplug the power cord and remove the battery. Hold down the power button for 20 to 30 seconds. This completely drains the pcb mounted capacitors and is similar to a hard reset. Put the battery back in, plug it back up, and start it up. Worked like a charm, and didn't cost me anything. Something in the residual memory was causing the problem. I've since seen this fix several Toshiba laptops with the same problem. Good luck, and God bless!

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If you can get an external monitor to work with this device then there is a chance that the inverter for the LCD has gone bad. These are generally inexpensive and easy to replace. If this device fails to work with an external monitor than it is possible that you have an additional hardware failure/s.

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