Deadboot: help me save my Mi 11

Hi there!

@oldturkey03 I saw your intervention here:

And I thought you might be able to help. I won't refuse someone else's help, though ūüė¨

My Mi 11 is a dead boot (started with a boot loop, it died eventually).

I'm currently comparing the resistance between my phone and the Xiaomi 11 Earth Resistance Reference (which doesn't actually measure the resistance but rather the voltage drop in mV in diode mode) and I'm finding a few discrepancies (but no short so far...I've checked around 85%).

I found the full schematics:

I know the location map can tell me the reference number of the 9 connectors, which I can then search for in the schematics to see which problematic pin is connected to what...but that's full of abbreviations I don't understand and I feel like a cow looking at a new gate.

Would you take a bit of your time to help me diagnose the %#*@ thing?

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