iPhone 7 plus faulty LCD?

My iphone 7 plus screen suddenly glitches and multiple colored horizontal lines appears, it then restarts by itself. This happens quite frequently. Contacted apple support at first and they told me it was the battery issue, so I went ahead to change the battery on my own and its now at 100% health. Thought that solved the problem but it still occurs, although not as frequently as before i changed the battery. Could a faulty lcd screen cause this issue? If i changed the lcd screen will the problem finally go away?

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Have you tried reseating the LCD cable? Could be a bad connection. Doesn’t sound anything battery related, not a clue what they were thinking with that one.


By reseating you mean just taking it out and putting it back on, correct? I did disconnect it when changing the battery, not sure if that is equivalent to reseating it. My apologies, am a total newbie to changing and fixing my own iphone. I just ordered a new LCD screen to change this current one out to, hopefully it’s gonna stop the issue, although the frequency of the issue occurring has dropped. It still happens from time to time.


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