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The Palm Zire m150 is a handheld, touchscreen PDA. It was manufactured by Palm in 2002. The the PDA has a 2 MB RAM and 2 MB installed memory.

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Acceptable Battery Replacement on Amazon?

Hello :)

I recently got hold of a Palm Zire m150, but the battery is no good. I found a replacement battery on Amazon: ( I would think that this is the right battery, but I am just making sure (for the safety of me and my Zire).

Thank you!

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There should be nothing wrong with that battery - I've used CS batteries many times with no issues.

Just note that this battery requires soldering, and be prepared for that.

The seller is someone called "GAXIN" and they have a very short duration on Amazon and little feedback. Not sure if you can find some equivalent from a more reputable vendor. Not that I am saying anything bad against GAXIN, they may be a perfectly reputable vendor just getting their start. But until you know, or they've built a good reputation, you simply never know.

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