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La Xbox 360 est la deuxième console de jeu de Microsoft, sortie le 22 novembre 2005.

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Doesn't read discs until about 3 mins after warm-up

I just got an XBOX 360 the other day which has confused me a bit since I have never seen this. The system runs fine other then the reading problem. I have cleaned it out inside and out including the dvd drive.

So, when you first turn on the system, you can insert whatever you want and it won't read it at all. After about 5 mins of being warmed up, it will read everything under the sun without issue. It seems like the laser needs to warm up or something but that kinda defy's the logic of the laser unit.

Any suggestions on the cause of the problem and how to eliminate it without just random replacing or parts until it goes away?

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Anything is possible :-) and it is possible that your laser assembly is having power issues. It could be the diode on the laser as well as other components on the assembly. You can replace just the assembly, instructions are on here and the assembly is available from places like this. Hope this helps, good luck.

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