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iPhone says it is not charging

My iPhone just comes up with an icon that tells me it isn't charging? i dont know what to do........

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Which iPhone is it?


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Hi Xavier,

You might check either the sync-cable or the connector of the iPhone.

Sometimes, the sync-cable creates problems, especially when it is a bit old and especially on the end where you connect it with the iPhone.

A cable can still look nice - like in my case a few months ago. It didn't show any signs of a defect, and it took me some time to figure out that it was the cable that caused my non-charging issue.

Here is my suggestion: Do you have a way of testing the cable? Or better: Can you get you another cable to find out if the cable is the issue?

The other way of possibly locating your issue is to take a look at the connector. Be sure that there is no rest of paper, etc. in the slot of the iPhone, especially where the charging pins are.

In general: Can you think of when the problem first happened? Did you accidently drop it or change anything on the iPhone? This might give you an idea, too, where to start.

I hope my suggestions help.


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