ps3 slim does not load disks

Hi guys

I have a ps3 slim model CECH 3001B bought in USA six months ago. One day when I turn on I found that the play can´t load any disk.

It seems that there are some kind of missaligment with the mechanims but I can´t find it.

Are there any guide step by step to realing the mechanism?

Thank you very much

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Just to make sure, you did check to see that there is not already a CD in the drive?


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marcelo, I have not come across any of the guides for adjustments on the loading mechanism. There is a decent video on youtube that shows how to replace the laser. It might show you more of the optical drive. Now, if you check this video, it appears that there is a possibility that it is caused by a misaligned laser motor.

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thank you oldturkey03.

The problem started with a disk inside, when I turn on the PS·3 the sistem did not read the game, then I ejected the disk and when I tryed to reload it the PS3 did not load the disk



Marcelo, if it did not pull the disk in then there is a problem with the loading mechanism, if it does not read the disk, it is most likely an error with the laser assembly. In either case, you will have to disassemble your optical drive and further investigate, or replace the drive.


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