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Need diagram for install of drive belt for the 2 outer blades.

I have a Simplicity Mower Deck No. 407 for lawn tractor Mod. Landlord 2110. Got a belt I think is the right length. Need diagram to install the belt for driving the 2 outer blades of the mower deck. Already have the 2 access covers off--The old belt had been eaten by the pulleys and was no help in arranging the new belt.

There are 3 pulleys--The drive pulley, a driven pulley for each bland, plus an idler wheel on a spring. Exactly how the belt winds among all of these is a mystery.

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Is this the mower you are looking for?

Maybe that will help with the routing.


Block Image

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I just broke and replace belt A on my 2110, blades engage and spin but they are not cutting the grass? Could they be spining in reverse for some reason? My grass is long only the rollers bend it over but pine cones and sticks get chopped up?


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