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How do I see and delete songs on iPod through I tunes

I have 68000 songs on my itune library and space for 1000 on my iPod. I manually drag songs to my iPod but how do I see what is on the iPod and then how do I delete specific songs

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When I select my iPod icon and then music, the whole itune library (68000 songs) shows, not just iPod,s list?


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Just select your iPod in iTunes, and you should be able to see the songs you have on your iPod's music library and delete or add songs if it's in manual mode.

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Once iPod was plugged to computer iPod icon showed on left of itune library under devices. Only when I clicked the small arrow on the left of the device did the music word appear below the iPod icon. Once I cliucked on the music word, then I got the list of the iPod content which I can now control.

Thanks for the help

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