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DSi XL wont read games without pushing on them.

so my little sister put the cartridge in her ds backwards (dont fault her she is only five) and to make it worse my mother proceeded to dig the game out with a pair of scissors (ouch right). so now the ds no longer detects inserted game catridges unless you push down on them and anyone with moderate experience with a ds knows that will eject the game so you see the delimma. my thought was that when she put the cartidge in backwards she must have pushed sometihng down i dont really know can someone please help or give me an idea before my mom has to buy a new one.

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Hey Spike, so your pins that read the game have been pushed down, that is why it will work when the game is pushed in all the way. You need to check the pins. Possibly only one or two may need to be replaced or bent back into the correct position.

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How do you fix the pins


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It's possible that something was pushed inward. Does the game attempt to latch in to place? That may have been broken as well constantly trying to eject with nothing holding it down.

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