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La Xbox 360 est la deuxième console de jeu de Microsoft, sortie le 22 novembre 2005.

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Fixing rrod by puting the motherboard into a oven

I wanna know that if it is a good idea to put the motherboard into a oven to fix rrod?

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Ovens were made for food. any questions?


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Honam1021, whatever will work for you :) Personally, I would not. It is hard to control and may or may not work. I myself would prefer the method shown here. It does give you more control and will only reflow the area needed. Again, to answer if it is a good idea or bad idea, depends on your capabilities, skills and if it works. Hope this helps, good luck.

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This is how to do it if you want to, and willing to assume the risk of doing so, but at this point, your xbox is already dead, you are at no loss to try, at least in my opinion, just clean the oven well after baking it

DO NOT bump the board around while it's hot no matter what approach you take to fix it

How this is done is take the 360 down to the motherboard, and stripping all plastic stickers off you can, and note where they go

here is how to remove the motherboard

Xbox 360 Motherboard Replacement

Now that the console's motherboard is stripped down, preheat the oven for 5 minutes at 350-400 degrees, while the over is heating up, get the xbox board lifted on a medium cookie sheet, with coffee mugs propping the motherboard up

Now that the oven is preheated, stick the motherboard in for 5 minutes and let it melt the solder, but DO NOT open it during the baking process, this will drop the tempature and it may not work right

Now that 5 minutes is up, take it out SLOWLY and CAREFULLY, if you bump it, you may knock off parts, and be in a mess of trouble after, so take your time taking it out, and put it in a place where it will not move for 10-15 minutes

Now that the board is cool, time to put the xbox back together

At this point, when you replace the heatsinks, you will need thermal paste before you replace these

this is what I suggest for xbox 360's

here is how to apply thermal paste

Comment appliquer de la pâte thermique

Remember, there are no guarantees you'll fix your xbox, but this is still worth a shot

Image Electronics Skills


Comment appliquer de la pâte thermique

Difficulté :


5 - 20 minutes

Image Xbox 360 Motherboard


Xbox 360 Motherboard Replacement

Difficulté :


2 - 3 hours

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