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Broken copper contact at juncture of chrome and flexible hose, inside

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My Riccar RC1400 canister vacuum is about 16 years old, and in excellent working order.

Or it was, until I removed the one screw from under the handle, where the chrome part of the hose connects with the flexible part of the hose, in order to remove a cat toy that was stuck there. All was fine until I went to reassemble the handle---then a very thin, flat, copper-looking piece of metal with 2 square-shapes attached to a wire, not only broke off, but its petals broke off, as well. One of the metal pieces is still attached to one of the wires and that is what is pictured here--front & back sides. There is another wire, which is now missing its copper friend

I have been told by 2 repair shops and Riccar that this model is no longer made; that its manufacturer in Korea went out of business and the tiny copper piece cannot be replaced. They suggested I either buy a brand new chrome handle (though they are hard to find since they are not making the model anymore!!) or buy a whole new machine (this one cost $400. so that's not an option)--all because of one tiny bit of copper!?!! Incredulous, I was! To me, it is ridiculously senseless to waste--throw into the already overflowing landfills--a perfectly good heavy-duty chrome, retractable portion of a vacuum hose, with electrical parts---when all it needs is this tiny piece of metal to get it running again!!!

So, still having kept the broken copper-looking contact piece, I went to Radio Shack for a comparable contact, but was told they no longer sell that kind of thing.

Does anyone know where I might find a replacement--are there places that sell that kind of thing? Or can anyone recommend something else I could use and how to fashion it? Or recommend what type of skilled person I could approach to make one fro me?

I'm thinking maybe someone else has or will have the same problem, since it's pretty easy to inadvertently suck-up a pet's or kid's toys when you are if you-all can help me solve this, that means there will be way less Riccar parts in landfills and you''ll have prevented the creation of even more unnecessary trash!!

Thanks very much--Elizabeth


Oh nooo....Nobody can help me with this? Should I re-post it so folks will look again now that the pictures are here?



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Elizabeth, it would help tremendously if you could post a few images of the part needed as well as the location of the part. If you click on the orange tab on the bottom left side of this screen, follow the instructions on how to post images. Thanks.


Thanks old Turkey, for taking an interest in helping me.

I am sorry, but I can only find orange tabs for 'Post Answer' and 'Submit'--and neither of those gave me instructions on how to post images. Cause though it took way longer than it would take the Average Bear--I took photos of the part (the one you'll see is the intact one) and after 2 hours of trying, I finally got my computer to recognize my camera and download the photos. Now I just need you to tell me how to get them on here...What am I missing? Thanks, Elizabeth


Thanks again, OldTurkey, for helping me make my question clearer by showing me the ropes for posting. I hope the photos of the copper bits look familiar to someone!!


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Elizabeth, I attached an image of the tab :-) once you click on it a small window will open on the bottom of the screen. Click on "Upload" and find your images. Click to select. they should now show in the bottom window. Left click, hold and drag the images directly into your question. Of course you have to be in "Edit" your question. Sounds complicated, it is not :-)

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Now you've got the hang of the photo's, any chance you can show what context these parts are in? Obviously there is a broken contact which you can resolder with little problems, what's not clear is what the purpose for it it a switch? a ground? have you all the missing pieces and know where it should go? A broader shot of the handle where the part is from would help.. cheers


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