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Swap HD from MacBook to MacBook Pro?

My ancient MacBook is just beat to heck, but the 500 gig hard drive is pretty new and works great. Can I put it into my wife's MacBook Pro (pulling the 100 gig HD)?

MacBook 500 gig HD is:



MacBook Pro HD is:


Revision: HAE4

Would the MAcBook Pro just "up and run" with the other HD?



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You spec'd the DVD drive... are you going to take out the DVD and put in the HD? (you need a kit for that if it would fit) Put the drive in an external case, you can boot to that with an Option-boot at startup. If that's good you can then swap drives and put the Wife's drive in there to use as an external hd/backup whatever.


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You should have no problems switching drives. I would reset the PRAM just in case. Here's how: If you need instructions please give us the last three figures of your serial number so we know your exact machine and can get you to the correct guide.

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