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Le premier modèle d'iPhone, modèle A1203 avec 4 ou 8 Go de stockage, et coque en aluminum. Les réparations sont souvent basées sur le principe du levier et peuvent demander de la soudure quelques fois.

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Microphone and Home Button don't work (1st Gen. iPhone)

My iPhone (1st Generation) was dropped yesterday. Everything is fine except the home button and microphone no longer work. Reseting the phone doesn't resolve the issue. The speaker does play sound, but the only way people hear me on calls is if I use a plugged in earpiece with a mic (or a bluetooth).

I don't see in your guides how to get to the wiring underneath the home button. Is there a loose connection I can check, or would I need to replace the whole unit? (same applies to the microphone)


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Since the Dock Connector (USB port), home button, mic and speaker are in the same circuit, System Conector Flex maybe damaged. For your reference

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