Cannot find a shifter housing gasket?

I don't need a new extension housing oil baffle plate like the dealer says. Just the gasket between shift the housing and the transmission case.

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Derek Dee, exactly where is this gasket located? I understand the transmission, but not sure about the "shift the housing" Are you talking about where the shift lever enters the transmission?


thanks but already seen that diagram. its not for my car. i have a 94 toyota pickup 2WD 2.4L


If you follow the Product Fitment/Applications on the link I provided, you may see that it is TOYOTA 4Runner 2400CC, MANUAL , 4-SPEED TRUCK, STANDARD


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Derrek Dee, you did not mention what transmission you have and if it is a 4X4 or etc. But, if you are looking for the Control Shift Lever Retainer Gasket, it is available at places like this. I attached an image just to make sure that this is what you need. Hope this helps, good luck.

Block Image

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