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La Magic Mouse est une souris multi-touch fabriquée et vendue par Apple. Elle a été annoncée et vendue pour la première fois le 20 Octobre 2009.

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How do I fix my optical movement on my apple magic mouse?

I have a magic mouse that came along with my Mid 2010 iMac 27". The mouse still responds to finger movement while scrolling and clicking. Although, the movement of the cursor completely stopped working. I've already opened the mouse to if there was anything lose in it, I couldn't find it. I've cleaned the optical area, and the whole mouse. Still, no luck. Anyone has a fix for this? Thank you!

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I have the exact same problem with my MMM. My computer is mid 2011.

Any responses ??????

thank you,



same here....


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Sounds like this problem... FWIW you can use any USB mouse with your machine. You don't need to use the receiver... just pair the mouse to the machine.

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I had the same problem! After several attempts, I tried to push the lens with a pencil eraser, now it works fine!

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Well, for me it happened the contrary. The sensor would move almost nothing but I could see some movement... Now that I have tried to push a little, nothing...


I'm sorry, even my one has worked for a while, but now no more :(


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