iPod not turning on. Only turns on when plugged to wall charger.?

My ipod touch 3g does not turn on, on its own or when plugged to computer. It only turns on when plugged into a wall charger, but only shows the usb to itunes screen. I tried the hard reset and everything else I can think of with no luck. Please help! What should I do now?

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mahesh, the very first thing I would do is to replace the battery. if your iPod comes on while plugged into the AC adapter, but not on the USB port, is most likely caused by a battery that is to discharged, or at the end of its lifecycle. Here is the guide iPod Touch 3rd Generation Battery Replacement and the battery is available right here iPod touch (3rd Gen) Replacement Battery and many other places. After that, re-evaluate and see what you have. Hope this helps, good luck.

Image iPod touch (3rd Gen) Replacement Battery


iPod touch (3rd Gen) Replacement Battery


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