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MacBook black screen on boot, no chim

Hi, i have the following problem:

now when i startup the macbook (macbook dual core, 2007) i have the laptop which switches on, the light which firstly is flashing fastly and the is on and still, but i have no chim sound and the screen stays black and do not light up.

Previously it is happended that during the firware update process (after properly downloading it), accidentally i pressed the power switch and the process of updating stopped. So i deduce the firware never updated.

What can i do, as i cannot see if i am properly starting the mac in safe or in target disk modes, or from the original install disk on Dvd, becouse i do no see anything on the display?

Btw, i tried to connect the laptop to the tv, but no signal in output is received by tv.

I would buy a firewire cable and connect it to the iMac i have, but will i be able to startup in target disk mode even if the display is not working? And will i be able to restore in that way a firmware on the macbook?

Any idea or help ?



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If you interrupted the firmware update process you could have corrupted the systems firmware which may not be possible to fix by your self.

As you don't hear the chime it supports you most likely messed up the firmware but it's also possible to disable the chime so in its self it may not be enough of a clue here.

Can you start your laptop from the OS-X install DVD that came with your system at all? Does it appear to load up but you just can't see the display? It's possible the back light is not lighting up. In strong light can you see a faint image in the display?

If you can't see anything and you did nothing else to your system then it's likely the firmware is messed up. In that case I don't know of any way to fix it and most likely will need to be serviced by Apple directly.

The only way I can see here to access the files on your HD is to remove the HD and place it into an external firewire HD case so you can access the data on your iMac. Without any 'brains' in the Macbook you won't be able to get it into disk mode to use the firewire cable interconnect.

If you can see an image on the display you should be able to put the system in disk mode so you can at least copy off any needed files. If you can see enough of the display you could try running the firmware update again and hope it is able to fix things. Otherwise it's time to get to the Apple Store and see what they can do for you.

Sorry ;-{

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thanks for your answer.

I tried to restart from the original dvd, i can guess by the noise that it starts reading, but then waits for an input i cannot give becouse the display is absolutely black, and nothing is visible at all (i tried also to give a couple of enters too, but no reaction), and that is why then i hear the dvd stopping to turn and going to sleep.

I feel like i will have to follow your suggestion to drive to an apple servis center!

What is working is battery (charges fully, with colour change of the light), the small light which usually indicates the sleep mode, but honestly i do not have the sensation of the keyboard or trackpad button responding

Thanks, and hopefully is only that i messed up the firmware update.




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Reminds me a lot problems with CMOS batteries on older Macs, had the chime but no no screen activity. Have you tried replacing the PRAM battery yet?

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lcgraham, hopefully this got fixed in the almost 2 years since that question got asked:-)


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