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Battery will not charge and computer will not run unless plugged in.

My MacBook will not charge or stay on without the magsafe plugged in.

I have replaced the battery connector and the magsafe DC-in board. While it is plugged in the magsafe cable shows orange and the computer shows the charge indicator symbol (little lightning bolt), but it says 0%. And it is a new battery.

Coconut reads;

Battery Charge;

-Current charge: 0 mAh

-Maximum charge: 4200 mAh

Battery Capacity;

-Current capacity: 4200 mAh

-Design capacity: 4000 mAh


-Mac model: MacBook4,1

-Age of your Mac: 51 Months

-Battery loadcycles: 61

-Battery temperature: 29.9 C/85.8 F

-Battery power usage: Charging...

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Have you tried with a friends (known working) battery? The fact that it is new is usually good enough to assume it's in proper working condition, but does not always guarantee it. Before sending it back or buying a new one, I'd suggest trying a battery that works in another computer first if possible

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