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The XV20 series of the Toyota Camry is Toyota's 6th generation of the Camry sedan.

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There is a knocking sound in my engine.

There is a knocking sound in my engine and it is either the rocker arm or a stuck valve. if it is a stuck valve how do i fix it and if it is a rocker arm how do i fix it and how do i tell which one it is.

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jswife20, which Camry is it? what engine size and what transmission do you have? Why do you think it is a stuck valve or rocker? What does your exhaust smoke look like and what do your plugs look like?


Open the hood and let the mechanic out!


My wife "Likes" the mechanic answer. :-)


So what was your problem I have a terrible knock sounds like it's coming right out of the front around the exhaust manifold but it's not a leaky manifold it's a definite metal-on-metal knock


pftt, fix the has nothing to do with higher octane, anything higher and the computer will go nuts and the car will not run properly because the 02 sensors will be causing hesitation...

this issue usually happens due to the typical oil leak in the camshaft seal after the car was ran with a low oil level causing the engine to get a bent rod.


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A few questions and some things to check:

- What engine do you have and how well maintained is it?

- Check the oil level & quality as well as the coolant level & quality.

- Can you try and locate the basic area that the noise is coming from? Top, middle or bottom? Left side, right side, front or back? Use a mechanic's stethoscope to listen, or if you don't have one, a long handled screwdriver with your ear pressed against the handle and the tip held at different points around the engine.

Top end noises can be valve train, valve springs, rocker arms or hydraulic lash adjusters.

Middle engine noises can be piston slap or wrist pins.

Bottom noises can be bearings, connecting rods or the crankshaft.

Front noises could be accessories, belts, water pump, or timing chain.

Rear noises could be flex plate to transmission.

Hope this helps,


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Cool thanks ,its really smart process to deal with a noise


thankyou very much helpful answer!


my engine is 4 cylinder toyota rav4 1997


is it a major or minor issue if it is a front end noise? Am I still able to drive the car?


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HemiBills answer is good and a great start, I would also take it to an Auto Zone and get a free computer read out, which may tell you exactly what's wrong.

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Does Auto zone still do free computer reads


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The 1994 Toyota Celica St 1.8 does not have that diagnostic port

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