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after running applejack grey screen no restart

My MBP Dual Core from early 2008, 2.4 Ghz, 200GB SSD runned more and more slowly. And at booting i´ve got every time grey screen, than after more minutes blue and than login-Page. Coz I loosed my Install-CDs after last remove :( I installed applejack.

After running applejack - he didnt repair all failures - I tried to restart MBP.

At first came grey Screen, than Apple and busy-fan in grey, too. Than after maybe 20-25 sec computer shuts down, black screen.

I made single mode and tried to restart, SMC and PRAM also - no success.

I dont have recovery-CD or Software-CD.

What can I do? Thanks!

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You really need a start-up DVD. You can get an original system installation disk from Apple for $16 or a Snow Leopard 10.6 retail DVD for $29.

After you've started up from the DVD, try running Disk Utilities. This could also be the nVidia GPU issue, which Apple will replace the logic board for free. What errors did AppleJack not repair and have you run it more than once?

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