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Won't charge or run off power supply.

I have a Toshiba Satellite L455D-S5976, a few years old, but was running fine until a few weeks ago. It was moved a bit while getting comfortable and now will only charge the battery for a couple seconds at a time. Wouldn't be much of an issue if I could find a position to leave it in to charge fully (like on the floor or a table somewhere). Sadly after adjusting the cable (gentle wiggling since it is pretty loose, and twisting) it won't do much more then get halfway through a post test before it dies.

After going through 3 chargers for it, and having bought a new one just a month before it finally decided to no longer charge, it's rather disappointing to find it in this state.

I've ripped it apart, and checked the actual socket on the inside, and I can't see any major physical damage (it's a little loose in the seating for it, but no cracks or scrapes). Any suggestions on a fix, or where i could possibly find a replacement part (Toshiba straight said take it to one of our dealers, and offered no other information)

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Most likely issues in order of probability:

1) The cable could have broken internally

2) The electrical connection of the power socket to the logic board may be broken and making intermittent physical contact

3) Your battery may have worn out and refuse the charge.

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how do you fix it?


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