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My MBP wont power up, after SSD installation

After 1.5 years of use, my hard drive suddenly failed. This was later confirmed by Apple Genius Bar.

So I purchase a new SSD from OWC which was instructed to be compatible with my laptop model ( MBP 13'm early 2011).

It arrived today and I did the installation carefully and successfully.

However, after putting the back panel back in place I was unable to power up my laptop. It was as if the power button is not working.

Then I opened up the back panel one more time to realise that everytime I click the power button (turn on), the fan started running, this can only be stopped by pressing the power button and held it (turn off).

I tried placing my old hard drive and it doesnt work as well.

I tried reset the SMC by holding power-shift-option but same result.

i am very confusing right now my laptop is out of warranty and i know if i go to Apple they will charge me a lot just to open up and look into my MBP. I'm a student i would like to solve problem on my own if possible.

Please, please help me :( thatd be much appreciated

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If your fans are turning on and off with the power button, then your computer is most likely starting. Have you double checked to ensure all the cables, wires, and connectors were properly routed and re-connected upon re-assembly? It seems your display may have disconnected from your logic board, leading you to believe your computer is not turning on when it actually is.

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Hi Derek, thanks for your comment. Well yes it does seem as if the computer is working without the display. However I remember I did the installation very carefully. There is one tiny soft piece of cloth of some sort dropped out although. It was sticked to the black panel before I opened it up. I tried to search about this thing but I cand find any result. It is tiny and I dont think its any part of the logic board because it is not made of metal at all, just a piece of some soft material


I just checked again, all display connections are fine. I inserted the Installation DVD that came with my MBP now I cant get it out. The caplock button isnt working as well so it's the computer thats not on


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Make sure your Hard Drive/Sleep cable is connected fully. Also make sure your battery indicator sensor is plugged in completely. If the computer turns on, then your keyboard cable is likely plugged in properly, but it wouldn't hurt to check and make sure. I've had the hard drive and battery indicator cables on this model cause sleep/non-boot issues quite a few times when it seems like there's no other cause. Good luck!

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