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Guide de réparation et support pour les Netbook de la marque Acer incluant la série Aspire One.

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will not go past loading screen.

hi ive got an acer d260 net book. i got it from a friend that passed. im having some big problems with it. question 1, the bottom of it was taken off wrong and the shiny metal foil is torn and some small pieces are missing, would this have some thing to do with my second problem. question 2, when i turn it on it goes to the acer screen then goes to a loading screen that says,

intel undi , pxe-2.1(build 082

copyright (c) 1997-2000 intel corporation

for atheros pcie ethernet controler v2.0.0.9(05/08/09

check cable connection!

pxe-mof : exiting intel pxe rom.

no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key

i dont have any disks for it all i have is the net book the charger and the dvd rom drive. is it broke or is there some thing i can do like flash the bios.

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Have you checked BIOS to make sure your hard drive is listed first in boot order. Do you have any other external drives plugged in? USB Stick, External HDD ect...


i went in the boot manager and it says 1 option network boot: atheros boot agent. nothing plugged in to it. when i go in to f2 my boot order is as follows 1 usb hdd : 2 networkboot:atheros boot agent 3 ide0: 4 ide1 :5 usb fdd:6 usb cdrom: .


i noticed some thing else when i put amemory card in my hdd light comes that an indicator that my hard drive is bad.


It does most certainly sound like you are missing your operating system. It is not necessarily a bad hard drive, for now I really think you should try and start it with a bootdisk of some sort and see what you get. Check on here and see if you might be up to try and create your own bootdisk. Let us know if you need help with it


before i do that would you know why the speaker is really low. i have the volume on the netbook up the whole way and the sound on the videos is up too?


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doug, I think the biggest problem right now is this "no bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key" that means that your computer does either not have, or can't read, the operating system. If you can, enter the BIOS and see if your Acer still recognizes the hard drive. You can also set the boot order to the digital drive and try to boot it with a live Linux CD. Of course you will have to either borrow an OS disk or download a linux version. I prefer Puppy Linux, due to its simplicity. If you can access the hard drive with a different OS, you may have to get your version OS and reformat your drive. Hope this helps, good luck.

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i will try it and let you know how it works thanks.


went on the puppy site, how would i find what one i should use.


can i down load the boot disk info to a flash drive and instal it from there?


yes you can download it to a USB drive, but it comes as an ISO file that normally would have be burned to a bootable CD. Do you have access to another computer to burn CD's? You may need software to accomplish that. I use UltraISO because I prefer the interface


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