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Which digitizer should I choose to fix an iPod 3g 8gb?

Hello guys!

Have a sort of a problem here, a friend of mine asked to replace his broken glass, but im not sure what should i replace it with! I see everywhere that 3g digitizer for 32gb & 64gb doesnt fit the 8gb model, the even put it in the discription on ebay! I also saw posts saying that 3g uses the 2g digitizers, but then again there are posts contradicting this information, saying that the connectors are different! Im kinda lost...

Is 8gb model standalone product? Does it use a unique type of the digitizer?

Please help! Thank you!

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Sith, actually some of that is pretty correct. the iPod Touch 3rd gen 8GB is actually the same as a 2nd gen with a few exception, which won't matter for your purpose. There really is no 3rd Gen 8GB iPod Touch. "This part is only compatible with model A1318 iPod Touches. If your iPod Touch is model A1288 you should purchase an iPod Touch Gen 2 Front Panel Assembly." and you can get that right here as well as many other places. Hope this helps, good luck.

Image iPod touch (Gen 2) Front Panel Assembly


iPod touch (Gen 2) Front Panel Assembly


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