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Contribution d'origine par : hu kers ,


light on, no sound, no video upon startup after hd-replacement


My iMac's hard drive had presumably died 2 weeks ago: screen froze, after manual restart iMac would only display folder with question mark; different tries to locate the hard drive failed.
os was tiger upgraded to leopard.

bought a new hard drive and followed instructions on ifixit for hard drive replacement. reassembled. no parts broke; a.f.a i could tell all connectors were put back together sufficiently.

upon firing up the iMac only the white light turned on but no startup chime or video on the screen. fan does apparently work too as i can feel a stream of cool air.
iMac stayed disconnected from power for 2 weeks approx before.

i tried connecting the power cord whilst pressing the power button simultaneously and start the iMac thereafter. (resetting smc according to a post on as a result the fan blew loudly and the light was gone. after unplugging the cord once more the initial symptom was there again.

suggestions for solution please! :0)


iMac Intel 17"