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Contribution d'origine par : sbpait2408 ,


My sister-in-law had the same problem...spilled Fabuloso on the keyboard and the whole thing went out. To top it off...the Keyboard on an A1278 MacBook Pro 13-inch (Mid 2010) model is connected to the power button so the system didn't start up. I had disconnect and reconnect the keyboard ribbon to get it to start up and use an external keyboard.


Bought a keyboard (NO UPPER CASE) from ebay...when it arrived...I removed the bottom case and the logic board, speakers, cd drive, HDD and then the keyboard...(all 52 TINY screws on that keyboard)! It was a long process...about 1 hour...but for $30 was well worth it rather than 200 from Apple or other computer store. I am an IT so this was easy for me. It might be a bit of a challenge for non-technical people. BUT it is do-able!