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Contribution d'origine par : oldturkey03 ,



This procedure requires the following tools:

• Phillips #2

• Jeweler’s #1 screwdriver

Preliminary Steps

Before you begin, do the following:

• Place the computer face down on an ESD mat.

• Remove the user access door.

• Remove the feet.

• Remove the rear housing.

• Discharge the CRT.

• Remove the fan.

• Remove the Faraday cage.

• Remove the digital module assembly.


1. Remove the three screws along the back of the hard drive.


2. WIth a screwdriver or plastic tool, pry the hard drive out of the hard drive carrier to access the power and data cables.


3. Disconnect the hard drive power cable and the hard drive data cable. Remove the drive from the carrier. Notice there may be up to three thermal pads on the hard drive; two on the top and one along the side of the drive. You may discard the thermal pads on the top of the drive. If the pad along the side of the drive appears damaged, replace it.


4. Turn the hard drive over. WIth a jeweler’s screwdriver, remove the two screws on the black plastic cover and the two screws on the metal bracket.

Note: These two pieces need to be removed when returning the hard drive to Apple service.


CRT Discharge


This product contains high voltage and a high-vacuum picture tube. To preventinjury, always review the Service Foundations: CRT Displays course for safety information.It can be found at: Click on

Desktop Certification Courses and select the Service Foundations: CRT Displays link.


Never use a grounding wriststrap until after discharging the CRT and setting up an ongoing ground connection.

Safety Guidelines:Whenever the rear housing of the computer is removed and before replacing a module,you must

1. Discharge the CRT (shown below) and remove the anode cap.


2. Establish an ongoing ground by using a cable with alligator clips at both ends.Connect one end to the anode aperture, and connect the other end to the metal CRT frame.

3. With the CRT discharged and the ongoing ground in place wear a grounding wriststrap to prevent equipment damage from static electricity.

Hope this helps, good luck.