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The [|original forum post] has quite a bit of additional information about poking around inside the new 27" iMac.  Bottom line:  I'll wait 6 months or so for iFixit or OWC to start carrying "upgrade kits" with the proper replacement tape & entry tools.

The 27" iMac holds one 3.5" drive (unlike the 21", which uses a 2.5" drive), and one "blade" SSD like the new MacBook Pros use.  Unlike the new 21" iMac, you can upgrade the RAM on the 27" w/o cutting the machine open (there's an access hatch on the back).

Replacing the disk requires cutting open the display and removing the left speaker.  You'll need a proper mounting bracket (e.g., an [|Icy Dock]) to mount a 2.5" SSD in place of the 3.5" drive.  Adding/replacing the blade SSD requires pulling out the main logic board.

Creating huge access headaches just to make the edges a 1/4" thinner is just insane.