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Rod, here is what I found "Pull away speaker mesh grill.  Using a sharp knife or similar carefully lift off the black facia plate. The facia is about 1mm thick and is glued to the speaker plate. Take care not to bend it as you rip it from the glue- bends make it harder to replace in position later. With the fascia removed you reveal eight dark-brown screws that hold the speaker plate to the box and silver screws that hold the speakers in place. After removing the 8 screws the speaker plate can be lifted from the box. Several cables with plugs are very short and will pull the plugs out of their sockets if you lift the speaker plate away. It may be better to first remove the 4 screws from the central speaker- lift it to one side and reach in to carefully note where the cables attach and remove them gently with tweezers or needle-nose pliers.Note-the speakers are very fragile. The cables are- 1) Large 4-pin to central speaker. 2) medium 2-pin to right speaker 3) medium 2-pin to left speaker 4) Minature 3-pin  5) Minature 6-pin to fascia LED and remote sensor.  Reconnecting these cables when you put the speaker plate back in place is very difficult through the speaker hole" from [|here]


Hope this helps, good luck.